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Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), is an autonomous statutory government agency responsible for the development of air transport in Ghana. Its responsibility includes regulation of Civil Aviation. It also provides Air Navigation Services.

Regulation of Civil Aviation

GCAA’s Safety Oversight responsibility is performed for airlines and their staff –pilots engineers etc.

GCAA ensures that personnel and equipment involved in flight operations are continually monitored. In this regard, commercial and private pilots, air traffic controllers, flight and ground engineers, cabin crew and maintenance organizations are licensed and approved.

GCAA also carries out operations and maintenance inspections of all Operators of Ghana registered aircraft for the purpose of ensuring flight safety.GCAA is also responsible for the Economic Regulation of Air Transport, Air Navigation and Airports and advises on Aviation Policy from an economic standpoint in accordance with best industry practice, international standards and requirements.

Provision of Air Navigation Services

GCAA controls all flights within the Accra Flight Information Region (FIR) which covers the airspace of Ghana, Togo and Benin. Togo however has responsibility for the corridor (in Togo) between Lome and Niamtougou, up to 26,000 feet.

GCAA is also responsible for the promulgation and dissemination of aeronautical information to all stakeholders in the industry.

Other Collaborating Agencies

We collaborate with, but not limited to, the following agencies:

  1. Parliament;
  2. Government bodies (Aviation and Non-Aviation);
  3. Ghana Air Force, Navy and & Other Para-military bodies;
  4. Ministry of Aviation;
  5. National Security Council;
  6. Overseas Safety Regulatory bodies and International Civil Aviation Organization;
  7. Aircraft Owners;

Comments and Complaints 
You may address your comments and complaints to:

The Corporate Communications Manager,
Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
Private Mail Bag
Kotoka International Airport
Accra, Ghana

Tel: 233-30-2776171 Ext. 1536/1486



The Director General
Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
Private Mail Bag
Kotoka International Airport
Accra, Ghana

Telephone: – 233-30-2776171
Fax: – 233-30-2773293
Email: –

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