Maintenance Organisations Cert

Prospective AMO Certificate holders are expected to go through a complete certification process. The certification process is designed to ensure that prospective AMO Certificate holders understand and are capable of fulfilling this duty. When satisfactorily completed, the certification process should ensure that the applicant is able to comply with the Ghana Civil Aviation Act, the Ghana Civil Aviation Regulations and ICAO standards pertaining to the operation of an AMO.

Guidance material for the certification is in ASI Handbook VOL.II and Advisory Pamphlet AMO-AP-001.

Foreign Aircraft Maintenance Organizations contracted by GCAA certificated Operators to carry out maintenance on Ghana Registered aircraft must be approved by the Authority. Application to that effect shall be forwarded to the Director-General on form; CA Form 11.

The applicant shall arrange with the Director Safety Regulation for the inspection of the maintenance facility by Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASIs) and shall be responsible for all expenses.

The Director, Safety Regulations shall assign Aviation Safety Inspector(s) (ASIs) to inspect the facility and the Inspector shall use AMO inspection guide SRD/AIR/003 and shall ensure that the applicant complies with the requirements of the CAR.

Having satisfied the requirements and the appropriate fees paid, the applicant shall be issued with the authorisation in the appropriate category. The approval is valid for one year and it is subject to renewal after the expiry date. The renewal procedures are the same as the issue.

Approved Organizations may sub-contract work to Organizations which are either not approved by the Authority or not approved for activities under consideration. In this case consideration should be given to the following: –

  1. The Approved Organisation must be approved for the work, which is to be sub-contracted and have the capability to assess the competence of the sub-contractor.
  2. The Approved Organisation must retain responsibility for quality control and release of sub-contracted activities, including the appropriate airworthiness requirements and
  3. The existence of the necessary procedures for the control of sub-contracted activities, together with terms of reference for the personnel responsible for their management.
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