Tutorial: Taking Quizzes

Lessons are listed under each module. 

Lessons have to be completed sequentially. You will not be able to move to the next lesson if its pre-requisite is not completed.

Scroll down to the end of each lesson and click the ‘Complete’ button to move to the next lesson.

At the end of the last lesson in a module, the ‘Complete’ button leads you to the Quiz page.

Click the ‘Start’ button on this page to begin the Quiz.

Click on the circles beside the possible listed answers to select your answer.

Scroll to the bottom of the Quiz and click the ‘Finish Quiz’ button to submit your answers.

Select ‘ok’ from the pop-up box that follows.

The results of the quiz will then show. If you passed, you may move on to the next module by clicking the ‘Next’ button. 

If not, you have a chance to Retake the quiz by clicking the ‘Retake’ button.