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Detail About How To Apply

if you want an academy that is focused on training excellence and delivers high quality and accredited training programmes in aviation, you’re choosin the right place. The academy has forged strategic partnerships with international aviation institutions, focused on promoting the importance of education in aviation.

If you would like to study in the university in the heart of the city that focus on chaning the world for better to morrow, you’re choosin the right place. We do not use special formulas to select students. We look at every single applicant’s application, academic and personal, to select students who suit to our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum qualification required to enroll?

The minimum qualification is a WASSCE certification. This, however, depends on the program you want to enroll for as some of the programs require a higher level of certification before you can enroll for them. Kindly visit our academy or call our numbers for more information on the course you want to apply for.

When do we admit new students?

At GATA, most of our courses are run on a yearly basis. Some courses have specific durations they are taught, others are taught upon request. Kindly visit our course categories page to find out when your preferred course is being taught. For more information, call our hotline for inquiries.

How much is the admission forms?

The admission forms cost GHC 50. Admission forms can be taken at the front desk of the academy.

What programs do we offer?

GATA offers a wide range of courses. From ICAO and IATA courses to General English Courses for international students.

How long does a course take and how much does it cost?

Duration and price vary depending on the course. Some course takes a few days, other weeks. Kindly visit our course page to find out how long your preferred course will take and how much it will cost.

Education Services

GATA was established by the Ghana Civil Aviation in 2008 as a center of excellence in Aviation.

International Hubs

GATA has trained Aviation Inspectors in collaboration with the FAA, ICAO and BAGASOO

Academy Life

Take a tour through our academy and enjoy our ultra modern facilities

The Application Process


Browse Through our Courses

Browse through our courses for the year and decide which one best suits you. Choose the course, inform us and then we make the neccessary preparations.


Pick A Form

Visit our front desk  at the Ghana Civil Training Academy and pick a form. Forms cost Ghc 50. 


Get To Understand The Course

You can ask questions regarding any of the courses and we will gladly answer them for you. 


Gather Necessary Documents

Find out the items you will need for the course you have applied for.


Know Your Course Date

You will be informed about the course date and how long it will take to complete the course


Enjoy The Academy

While you take the course in our state of the art lecture halls, take time to tour the academy building

Things To Know First

The Common Application is required for students applying to any or all of our courses. You’ll be able to choose your courses that you are interested.

You will need :

  • Any of form of National Identification (i.e. Passport (for international students), Voters Id, Driver's License.
  • Nonrefundable GHc50 application form fee.

Where to submit necessary documents?

Documents not submitted through the front desk  can be mailed to:

GCAA Training Academy
Private Mail Bag
Kotoka International Airport

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