What You Will Learn
Upon completing this course, you will have the skills to:
Who Should Attend
• Identify and provide advice on popular destination countries.
• Advise on modes of transportation, accommodation, and tour products
• Apply IATA resolutions to your business and activities
• Prospect new and existing customers and counter sales objections
• Construct complex itineraries and manage changes to ticketed journeys

Course Content
❖ Destinations
❖ Selling techniques and social media marketing
❖ Fare construction and ticket exchanges/reissuance
❖ Travel industry laws and regulations
❖ Niche products including tour customization, luxury and group travel options
❖ Accommodation products other than hotels

Tuition is undertaken by a team of IATA certified instructors with over several years’ experience in training.

Who should attend?
• This course is recommended for:
• Foundation in travel and tourism graduates
• Retail, home-based and niche travel consultants
• Reservations, marketing and sales personnel
Certificate Awarded
By successfully completing the examination you will receive the Travel and Tourism Consultant Diploma.

Each IATA foundation in travel and tourism diploma training program is held for 9(nine) weeks during the month January, June and October.

External Examination
External examinations leading to the award of a diploma are organized by IATA four (4) times each year and are held during the month of March, June September and December.

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E-MAIL: gata@caa.com.gh

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