Licence without Type Rating (LWTR) does not in itself confer any certification responsibilities or privileges. It is however, a prerequisite for the grant of the relevant Type Ratings which confer the privileges of certification appropriate to that Type Rating.

Before applying for the grant of LWTR an applicant must have passed all necessary written examinations. For certain qualifications i.e. High Technical qualifications or experience from the Ghana Armed Forces partial exemption from the licence examination may be granted.

An application for the grant or extension of a Licence without Type Rating should be made on CA Form 3 Applicants should ensure that they use forms of the current version.

The CA Form 3 requires information on the nature of experience, the periods during which the experience has been gained and signatures required in confirmation. Completion of aeronautical engineering courses, foreign licences and professional qualifications should be submitted to the Authority in support of the application when relevant. If copy documents are submitted these shall be certified as a true copy by the person who confirms the experience on the CA Form 3.

Having satisfied the above requirements and that of CAR, CAR. IS: 2.6, coupled with the payment of the prescribed fee, the licence may be issued.




Issue of a Type Rated Licence requires that the applicant show evidence of satisfactory completion of courses of instruction at an Approved GCAA Training Organization in the type aircraft in addition to the requirement of (ISSUE OF GHANA A.M.E LICENCE WITHOUT TYPE RATING (LWTR))

Photocopies of certificates and the receipt of the payment of the prescribed fee shall accompany the application.

The applicant shall be invited for an interview and shall be required to bring along with him the original certificates.

Use of Foreign Licence with a Type Rating to issue a Licence requires that, during the 12 months preceding the date of the certification, the holder has been engaged for periods totaling at least 6 months on work affording experience comparable with that required for the grant of the Licence.

The Licence holder shall be satisfied that the Licence Ratings are correct.

The Licence is not valid until signed in ink by the holder.

Licence shall be used for only aircraft on the Ghana Civil Aircraft Register.

Licence will normally be valid for a period of one year and will be renewed on application provided that during the twelve months preceding the date of expiry of the Licence, the holder has exercised the privileges of the Licence or has been engaged for periods totaling at least six months, on work which can be considered as comparable with the duties and privileges for which the Licence is rated.

A Licence which has lapsed for a period of more than one year shall not be considered for renewal without examination of the holder.

All endorsements or extensions issued in respect of aircraft that have been withdrawn from the Ghana Civil Aircraft Register shall be cancelled twenty-four months after the withdrawal of the aircraft from the Ghana Civil Aircraft Register.

The endorsements or extension so withdrawn may, however, be reinstated after the type aircraft has been returned to the Ghana Civil Aircraft Register and the Director General has satisfied himself that the engineer concern is in everyway capable of maintaining the aircraft.

Licence holders may not exercise the privileges of a Licence whilst medically unfit or under the influence of a drink or drugs.



The validation is applicable to holders of foreign Licences who are employed by foreign Organizations approved by GCAA and are required to work on Ghana registered aircraft.

The applicant shall submit a written application together with one passport size photograph and pay the prescribed fee.

An applicant is required to submit a Photostat copy along side the original Licence issued by an ICAO Contracting State including the Certificate of validity together with certified recent experience.

Applicants are required to reach a satisfactory standard in an examination on the Ghana Civil Aviation Regulations relevant to the duties of a holder of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Licence.

Validation of a foreign Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Licence may be granted for a short duration not exceeding 12 months or the expiry of the original Licence.

An applicant who is an employee of a Ghanaian Registered Company and who is expected to work for that company for not more than 12 months may apply for a validation of his foreign Licence.

A Validation is not renewable beyond the 12th month duration; applicants are advised to apply for Ghana A.M.E. Licence after the expiry of the validation.

A validation shall not be issued for a “Type Rating” if the aircraft is not on the Ghana Civil Aircraft Register.

Holders of foreign Licence issued by an ICAO contracting State and who are permanently employed by Ghana Registered companies are required to apply for a Ghanaian AME Licence.

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